Project ALPACA Kickstarter

**UPDATE (2/16/2018): 103% Funded!! We did it!!

Project ALPACA is LIVE on Kickstarter:

I am pleased to announce that Ludology Lab has launched our Kickstarter campaign for our first tabletop card game: Project ALPACA. Currently we have set a modest goal of $2500 to help us fund our first major print run. The game itself is nearly complete (just some edits from extra play testing) and has been manufactured on a small test scale, but we’re ready to kick it to the next level!

action shots2.png

What is Project ALPACA? Well vaguely and thematically:

In Project ALPACA, you will take on the role of a psychically gifted candidate for a secret government project. The clandestine Project for the Assessment of Latent Psychic Ability Control and Awareness (ALPACA) is seeking talented operatives. You will compete head to head against another candidate to see who will move on to become a full-fledged member of Project ALPACA.

Project ALPACA focuses on using wit and cunning to defeat your opponent. The game rewards memorization, deduction, and prediction skills. You are a psychic, after all.

Welcome to the Project.

In reality, it is a two player card game reminiscent of the high-card wins game of War, but with power ups and strategy. You’ll be trying to play simultaneously against your opponent, making your best attempts to “read their mind” by guessing what card they will play to try and win the round.

Currently, when the Kickstarter launches you will be able to grab a copy for $19 + shipping (which is looking like $3, USA only currently), or if you are feeling more adventurous, we have a couple of pricier, more bespoke options for you. Thanks for your support, let me know if you have questions, and keep playing great games!



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