State of the Lab Address

Ludology Lab has a lot of ideas. The Kickstarter for Project ALPACA is hopefully just the beginning for us. It has emboldened us! And we want to create more games and game experiences in the future. I wanted to take the time to fill you in on our projects and status now that the fresh dawn of 2018 is upon us.

First, things we are currently doing: Ludology Lab has a few irons in the fire. Of course, the Project ALPACA launch is the main thing on my mind right now. I am still brimming with excitement for our first game, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Currently, we are in the process of creating and polishing the Print and Play and Deluxe versions of the game. These are simple enough tasks, but they still take effort to accomplish. We also have a special secret for Project ALPACA that will hopefully be announced by the end of this week, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise, it’s mostly about getting the word out and possibly contacting some legit, accredited reviewers to see if they are interested in giving the game a spin. This whole process is new to me, so we’ll see what works!

We are also still running a Trivia Night at the local wine bar. The new 2018 season just began, and much to my chagrin, nobody ended our inaugural night with any points. This is not the first time the teams present have whiffed the final question, but it is the first time everybody was brave enough to wager all of their points.

I’m sure they’ll do better next time. I’m proud of their bravery nonetheless!

Regardless, it was a pretty great evening. Because we have been doing this for about a year, the creation process for trivia has become much more streamlined and enjoyable. It’s nice to finally have it down to a science, because I have recently been invited to do trivia on a bus for an art festival. This is an interesting new venue, but I am pretty stoked about it.

Finally, we are still creating “Who Dunnit?” mysteries. We are in the process or character writing and prop creation for a private event in February. The event is set in 1979 at a record label. This is a bit of a big project, since it’s looking like 25 characters in total. However, based on what we have written so far though, I think the effort will be totally worth it.

Now, things we want to be doing: For once, it looks like there is a tangible future for Ludology Lab! Our first order of business is starting to get our digital life in order. This includes updating the website and digitizing our live content. So hopefully in the spring, people will be able to purchase and download our Trivia Nights and Mystery Nights to use at their own favorite places and events. This would also include direct support from the team in how to run these kind of events, as well as custom edits as needed by folks.

We also want to start making more tabletop games. With Project ALPACA making it this far, we are excited to see what we can do next. Right now, we have 4(ish) games in the wings. The most developed is code-named “BP.” It is currently undergoing balance testing to make sure dice rolls feel both rewarding and fun. I honestly didn’t think using this much math to make something feel good would be so cool. More on this later. We also have an idea for a simple art game (as in the game-play is simple and the cards are supposed to be beautiful art), a chunky worker placement game, and a project from another game designer who has expressed interest in working with us. These projects will take a lot of time, but will incorporate all the lessons we have learned while producing Project ALPACA.

Finally, I would like to get into RPG module writing. This is more of a fun passion project, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to officially dive into. I have a lot of ideas floating around my head for settings and scenarios that I want to commit to workable documents. Right now this is low on the list, but I want to sneak work hours into it when I can. Sometimes it’s good to have a “cheat” project to work on amidst the regular work.

So that’s the current State of Ludology Lab. It’s an exciting time for us and I can’t wait to get started on some of these new projects. For now though, it’s back to work!

Take care, play great games, and remember, all play matters.


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