“Here we have at once a very important point: even in its simplest forms on the animal level, play is more than a mere physiological phenomenon or a psychological reflex. It goes beyond the confines of purely physical or purely biological activity. It is a significant function–that is to say, there is some sense to it. There is something ‘at play’ which transcends the immediate needs of life and imparts meaning to the action. All play means something.”

-Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens, p. 1.

Ludology is the study of games. Good games are built from the ground up. At Ludology Lab we strive to create games rooted in scholarly research, theory, and critical analysis.  Therefore, every game or gaming experience we create is intentionally designed, even if those deeper concepts are never consciously perceived by the players.

We want to craft positive experiences that allow people to connect with their friends and communities, exercise their strategic and imaginative minds, and of course, have a fun time! While we tend to focus on in-person and table top games, we do also have opinions and thoughts about games of all types (which you will find in our posts here), as we truly believe that games unite people.

We also want to provide an amateur-friendly outlet for new game designers so they can publish their ideas as well. We want to support other hobbyists in making their dreams realities. It’s a lofty goal, but if we all want to benefit from the gaming renaissance, more voices need to be heard.

So that’s us! If you have any questions or even want to run a game idea by us, please let us know and shoot us an email at:

ludologylab (@) gmail . com

Take care and play great games!


The Ludology Lab team