A Brief Reflection on Simultaneous Play

Taking turns is pretty ubiquitous in tabletop games. Each player gets a chance to do some sort of action to advance play in their favor (usually). It's a fine system. It's fair, it's clear, and it provides a level of transparency for other players' turns. However, you probably know a person with "analysis paralysis." The… Continue reading A Brief Reflection on Simultaneous Play


Project ALPACA Kickstarter

**UPDATE (2/16/2018): 103% Funded!! We did it!! Project ALPACA is LIVE on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1048213369/project-alpaca I am pleased to announce that Ludology Lab has launched our Kickstarter campaign for our first tabletop card game: Project ALPACA. Currently we have set a modest goal of $2500 to help us fund our first major print run. The game… Continue reading Project ALPACA Kickstarter

Game Night! Tales of the Illuminati

Last night I had a wonderful board game night tonight with dinner, libations, and of course, the basement of someone's mother. We broke out the old Steve Jackson classic Illuminati, which is just as weird as it sounds. The basic premise is that every player is controlling a secret society ranging from UFOs to The Bavarian… Continue reading Game Night! Tales of the Illuminati