The Paths to Publish, The Woes Therein

As I mentioned in a previous post, I made a card game! It is called Project ALPACA and I am very proud of it. I have been working on it in some form another for the past three years and now it finally exists as a box with pieces and cards and everything. There is still… Continue reading The Paths to Publish, The Woes Therein


Game Night! Tales of the Illuminati

Last night I had a wonderful board game night tonight with dinner, libations, and of course, the basement of someone's mother. We broke out the old Steve Jackson classic Illuminati, which is just as weird as it sounds. The basic premise is that every player is controlling a secret society ranging from UFOs to The Bavarian… Continue reading Game Night! Tales of the Illuminati

Blood Bowl: First Impressions

I usually play games intensely for a while and when they lose my interest, I move on. This has led me to a lot of different games and game types, but the most elusive so far has been tabletop war games. Not for lack of interest though! I've always wanted to try games like Warhammer.For me, the… Continue reading Blood Bowl: First Impressions

20 Years of Terror: A Look Back

On December 31st, Blizzard celebrated the 20th anniversary of it's flagship series Diablo. It's an exciting and memorable series, one that I have personally followed for the past 20 years. I remember the day I actually got Diablo (the original game on PC). It was my 10th birthday, which is probably wildly inappropriate, but I got… Continue reading 20 Years of Terror: A Look Back