Late to Game(r) – Stardew Valley

This post is from a guest writer on the blog! Enjoy. I am Alison, the aforementioned gamer, and I tend to be late to most games because I don't have the money or  time to play games when they first come out. Most, if not all, of the titles I own I purchased with deep… Continue reading Late to Game(r) – Stardew Valley


Blood Bowl: First Impressions

I usually play games intensely for a while and when they lose my interest, I move on. This has led me to a lot of different games and game types, but the most elusive so far has been tabletop war games. Not for lack of interest though! I've always wanted to try games like Warhammer.For me, the… Continue reading Blood Bowl: First Impressions

Immersive Meat-Space Gaming!

The phrase "All Play Matters" is fast becoming my mantra. It is a reminder that, well, all play matters. This is in a effort to expand beyond my own thoughts and notions of play, which can admittedly become narrow at times in the quest for mastery. So when an opportunity to go to an escape… Continue reading Immersive Meat-Space Gaming!

Game Night! Dominant Species

After weeks and weeks of not having a Board Game Night with my coworkers at the university, we found a modicum of time the Sunday before finals week to get together and have an honest-to-goodness gaming experience. Because it has been such a long time since something like this has happened, I made my colleagues… Continue reading Game Night! Dominant Species

“Yeah, but what’s the point?”

This is the response one of my friends had when I tried to describe Clicker Heroes. It wasn't an unexpected response. Heck, it wasn't even an incorrect response. But the game is compelling, if you can even call it a game, that is. I will do my best to elaborate on what the phenomenon of Clicker Heroes… Continue reading “Yeah, but what’s the point?”

Card Hunter: First Impressions

The 2016 Summer Steam Sale is underway and there is not a whole lot that piqued my interest. That, combined with the stark reality that I now own most of the games I find interesting already. Having access to games is a wonderful return on investment, so I often take the "buy-low" approach on games I… Continue reading Card Hunter: First Impressions