Late to Game(r) – Stardew Valley

This post is from a guest writer on the blog! Enjoy. I am Alison, the aforementioned gamer, and I tend to be late to most games because I don't have the money or  time to play games when they first come out. Most, if not all, of the titles I own I purchased with deep… Continue reading Late to Game(r) – Stardew Valley


“Yeah, but what’s the point?”

This is the response one of my friends had when I tried to describe Clicker Heroes. It wasn't an unexpected response. Heck, it wasn't even an incorrect response. But the game is compelling, if you can even call it a game, that is. I will do my best to elaborate on what the phenomenon of Clicker Heroes… Continue reading “Yeah, but what’s the point?”

Card Hunter: First Impressions

The 2016 Summer Steam Sale is underway and there is not a whole lot that piqued my interest. That, combined with the stark reality that I now own most of the games I find interesting already. Having access to games is a wonderful return on investment, so I often take the "buy-low" approach on games I… Continue reading Card Hunter: First Impressions