Project ALPACA live on Kickstarter 1/18

Ludology Lab's very first table-top game will go live on Kickstarter on Thursday, 1/18/2018! It's the next step in game publishing and I'm a bit nervous/excited about it, but I think it will be worth it. I have been jazzed for about the past week(s) trying to put as many ducks in a row as I… Continue reading Project ALPACA live on Kickstarter 1/18


20 Years of Terror: A Look Back

On December 31st, Blizzard celebrated the 20th anniversary of it's flagship series Diablo. It's an exciting and memorable series, one that I have personally followed for the past 20 years. I remember the day I actually got Diablo (the original game on PC). It was my 10th birthday, which is probably wildly inappropriate, but I got… Continue reading 20 Years of Terror: A Look Back

Game Night! Dominant Species

After weeks and weeks of not having a Board Game Night with my coworkers at the university, we found a modicum of time the Sunday before finals week to get together and have an honest-to-goodness gaming experience. Because it has been such a long time since something like this has happened, I made my colleagues… Continue reading Game Night! Dominant Species